A concise audio format, easy to produce with great impact:

  • In less than 120 seconds to the audio point!
  • The audio file is created by the protagonist; digital audio recording devices such as modern dictaphones or smartphone recording apps can be used here. Whenever is convenient.
  • The audio file and the image of the protagonist are sent to altii by email or upload with a suggested title and a brief description.
  • altii optimizes the audio files, creates the altii punch format, and publishes the altii punch
  • altii archiving for journalistic research and search engines
  • Further use on request
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The new crisp audio format that describes topics concisely and in a focused manner. The protagonist explains the point of view in less than 120 seconds.

Due to the brevity and the prominent positioning on the altii website and the connected and selected channels, attention is immediately available.

The production is extremely efficient: the protagonist has the stage to himself and records the content using a recording app. altii optimizes the sound with proven filtering methods and creates the professional altii punch format.

It is published with a headline and image.

The production can hardly run faster and more efficiently.